10th Anniversary

Greeting from Chairman

At a meeting held in Tokyo the year after the Great East Japan Earthquake, I heard a lively story of a high school girl who was involved in a tsunami while evacuating with her mother on the day of the earthquake. That is my encounter with BEYOND Tomorrow. After that, as I myself joined the organization and its activities, the scope of support expanded from the disaster area in Tohoku to the whole country, and further to support children living in harsh environments such as poverty and abuse.

During this time, thanks to countless warm supports, our leadership development program that we have accumulated in Japan and overseas has become highly evaluated. As a result, we have succeeded to provide an irreplaceable place for young people who tend to stay in their own circumstances to realize that they have friends who can talk casually and that there are many places where they can play an active role and feel confident.

We celebrated our 10th anniversary this year, and we will continue our activities without forgetting our original intentions to make a more flexible and generous society.

Daijiro Hashimoto

BEYOND Tomorrow 10th Anniversary Video

This video was made to introduce how we have started our project and continued to support youth all over Japan since the start of 2011. This Video was completed by a team of current students and alumni of BEYOND Tomorrow from planning to production including the narration in it.

Casts: Shun Sato, Takafumi Ohyama, Hibiki Kanoh
Planning & Production: Honoka Inamura, Daigo Machinaka, Tomohiro Kamisawa
Shooting & Editing: Mahiro Sawada
Narration: Yurie Imai