Opinion Series

In this project, we will ask experts from various field to verify the importance of leadership program for those youths facing adversity, and we will release the contents in series. We hope many of supporters for BEYOND Tomorrow will be involved in this initiative and help the realization of a society in which young people in adversity can shine on their difficulties.

Why We Disseminate

Why We Disseminate Information
Why is it critical to build the capacities of youths facing adversities?

Since its establishment, BEYOND Tomorrow has been providing opportunities for youths facing adversities to actively engage in society with the belief that “adversity makes great leaders.” We support youths facing adversities as they walk through and flourish in different parts of society with our flagship programs including financial aid and leadership programs. Underlying our approach is our antithesis towards society’s tendency to evaluate an individual’s value by a uniform measure.

We have been building our programs with the belief that youths who have suffered through adversities have the power of empathy, where they can identify with others’ pain. We believe that as they grow into active members of society and their talents bloom in each field, they will introduce new values to society and society will become more tolerant. Many youths have participated in our program since its foundation and each youth continues to pave his/her way forward today.

In order to make the purpose of our endeavor more comprehensive, we are adding a new approach where we disseminate information to society in addition to providing financial aid and leadership programs. We will inquire into, and examine the meaning of supporting youths facing adversities and the issues surrounding our endeavors, disseminate our findings, and call attention to issues thereby paving the way towards a society in which youths facing adversities can actively participate. We believe this will become a new responsibility for BEYOND Tomorrow.

Why is it important to build the capacities of youths facing adversities now?

Finding the answer to this question is no easy task. It is important to lend a hand to socially vulnerable people from a humanitarian perspective. However, we believe that not only that, realizing a society in which youths facing adversities can actively participate in will have vital significance for the sustainable development of our society.

In order to deepen this discussion, we must not take just a child welfare approach but a multi-stakeholder approach which transcends disciplinary boundaries. We believe that by engaging in conversation from a broad perspective regarding social security, visions regarding the educational system, and the social-economic effect of social disparities among others, we will see the way forward. To this end, BEYOND Tomorrow will strengthen its information dissemination activities. We plan to release op-eds and host round tables and symposiums with the cooperation of experts from various fields.