About BEYOND Tomorrow

BEYOND Tomorrow supports young talents with aspirations to make a difference for society despite the socioeconomic challenges in their upbringing.

Suicide, child abuse, poverty –

Despite the economic wealth Japan has achieved, there are many serious issues in society, and behind these issues are children. Embracing the difficulties such as losing parents, living in foster care group home, etc., these youths aspire to rise above hardships. BEYOND Tomorrow supports youths who, despite the socioeconomic disadvantages, aspire to forge forward to work for others in need and society at large. We provide youths that have experienced significant adversities such as losing parents, being abused, living in extreme poverty, etc. with financial support and opportunities for leadership development.

Since inception, BEYOND Tomorrow’s work is supported by corporate and individual donors. Supporting youth facing hardships to shine and fly higher will lead to the future of Japan and the world. We thank you for support and cooperation for BEYOND Tomorrow.

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