Organizational Structure

Global Fund for Education Assistance is a non-governmental foundation which organizes BEYOND Tomorrow – a project to support future global citizens. With our belief that “Enduring adversity makes great leaders”, we offer financial aid and leadership development programs to those who have experienced hardships such as losing parents and living under foster care, and aim to create global citizens who can think and act with broader perspectives and a strong sense of compassion for others.


Contact information
Global Fund for Education Assistance
June 2011
1st floor, Sono Bldg. 1-26-18 Shoto Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0046
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Board of Directors

Daijiro Hashimoto(Chairperson)

Former governor of Kochi Prefecture


Ryusuke Honjo

Chief Executive Officer, Green Core, LTD.


Masatada Kobayashi

Co-Founder and Chief Well-being Officer, Rakuten Group, Inc.


Satoru Murase

Partner, Mayer Brown LLP


Rie Hirakawa

Former Superintendent of Education of Hiroshima Prefecture


Board of Councilors

Haruo Miyagi

President, NPO ETIC.


Rieko Komiyama

Director, Study Sapuri Educational AI Research Institute
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Tokyo Gakugei University


Yasuhisa Shiozaki

Chairperson, Keiso Nippon Initiative / Former member of the House of Representatives/ Former Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare



Kenji Uwataki

Former Director, Japan Broadcasting Corporation



Naoyuki Agawa

Distinguished Visiting Professor, Doshisha University; Professor Emeritus, Keio University


Heizo Takenaka

Professor Emeritus, Keio University; Professor, Toyo University



Operational Independency

Our work as BEYOND Tomorrow does not support specific political or religious beliefs and the interest of any specific individual or group. BEYOND Tomorrow is operated by building consensus among the board of directors along with its mission and values.

Diversity of Funds

BEYOND Tomorrow is funded by donations and grants from countless individuals and organizations who support our philosophy and activities. We are soliciting a wide range of donations without relying on a specific source of fund, and believe that those donations are the symbol of the “feelings” of those who have resonated with BEYOND Tomorrow’s mission and values.

List of Supporters

Public Interest of Our Work

Our activities are carried out based on our mission and values, and we do not offer benefits to any specific person or organization more than others; the chance to take part in our programs and activities is open to every youth, and the beneficiaries are determined by the selection method stipulated by our policies.