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Report on Summer Camp 2023


– Four days to acquire essential skills for living in the future society –


The face-to-face program “Summer Camp 2023” was held from September 6 (Wed.) to 9 (Sat.) for participants (university students) of the Japan Future Scholarship Program and Fellowship Program.

BEYOND Tomorrow brings together young people who have experienced difficulties in their upbringing, but who aspire to create their own future. During the programs held throughout the year, we provide opportunities for students to learn and grow by sharing values with their peers, learning different perspectives and ways of thinking, and discovering new possibilities for themselves.


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11 first-year university students from Japan Future Scholarship Program 2023
1 second-year university student from Fellowship Program 2023


Day 1

Orientation, Discussion activity, Meet and Greet with ‘Yonth Conference’, Sharing Experiences

Day 2

Speech from Mr.Tsujita (Borderless Japan Corp.), Speech from Mr.Fukazawa (LITALICO Inc.), Speech from Noriaki Imai (Certified non-profit organization DxP), Discussion activity

Day 3

Meet and Greet with students in the US (online), Visit 100BANCH, Visit Startup Hub Tokyo Marunouchi, Making proposals, Presentation

Day 4

Speech from alumnus, Speech from guests having experience of study abroad, Reflection, Farewell lunch

Purpose of the Program

The theme of this program is acquiring essential skills to live in the future society.

The participants attended this program as an opportunity to acquire those skills, for example, autonomy to take an action and survive in an unstable and uncertain period.

The participants set own topics about current social issues.

In the past programs, participants used to discuss on prepared topics provided by BEYOND Tomorrow, however, the participants in this time set own topics to cultivate their autonomy.

These are topics set by the participants.

Group A: What we can do to address the inequality of children’s experience

Group B: What we can do to address scholarship issues of high school students

Group C: What we can do to address loneliness of young people

Setting own topics led the participants to tackle a group activity enthusiastically with responsibility.


BEYOND Tomorrow night

In the evening of Day 1, a regular activity in face-to-face programs called ‘BEYOND Tomorrow night’ was held. In this activity, participants share their experience in their entire lives with other peers.

This activity allows participants to reflect their lives and help them make a move toward their future. They face their honest feelings in a psychologically safe place where they are not subjected to pity or other forms of discrimination.

This activity was organized by internship students (who are aluminums of our scholarship program). The internship students conducted this activity by adopting their experience as former participants.

The internship students also planned birthday celebration for two participants.

Speech Sessions -Understanding various approaches toward social issues-

The participants listened to the story of guests’ business establishment, learned how to solve social issues in business fields.

They realized that there are several approaches toward one issue.

The guests showed that having experience of a related issue will be an advantage in their lives.

<Supporters for Speech sessions>

  • Mr.Yuki Murohashi, President, Japan Youth Conference
  • Mr.Hiroaki Tsujita, President, Borderless Japan Group, Waoful Inc.
  • Mr.Kota Fukazawa, President, LITALICO Partners Inc.
  • Mr.Noriaki Imai, President, Certified non-profit organization DxP

Company Visit -Be ready to take action-

On Day 3, the participants visited ‘100BANCH’ and ‘Startup Hub Tokyo Marunouchi’ who support and backup people who attempt to take action.

The guest shared their experience of startup their business, their passion and the way to collaborate with the participants in the future. It helped the participants have more options to address the social issues.

The participants learned that the important thing is to have their aspiration to solve issues and then there will be many supports to ask for help about approaches.

Making Proposals/Presentation

The participants deepened their thoughts on their approaches toward own topics through the speech session and the company visit. They discussed on the topics not only in the discussion activity but also during traveling time and meal time.

In the afternoon of Day 3, they had an opportunity to brush up their ideas by getting advice by alumnus and mentors.

They could also improve the quality of their presentations with supports by Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP.

In the evening of Day 3, They gave presentations as outcome of their learning of the program. They summarized their ideas in a five-minute presentation as a proposal and talked in front of about 20 guests.

They spoke in public confidently and it led the participants to receive positive feedback from the guests.

Additionally, the participants had a valuable opportunity to interact with those guests/supporters face-to face.

These interactions became an inspiring chance for the participants to receive some feedback from the guests.

Motivation-work Session

On the last day, two sessions were held to help the participants think about their lives after the program.

The first session aimed to gain tips from alumnus, who have succeeded to realize their proposals, about how to take an action. Since alumnus are in the same age group, it helped the participants to be more motivated to act toward their proposals by their advice.

The second session involved speech from four guests who have been study abroad. Since BEYOND Tomorrow aims to cultivate students’ global perspectives, this session targeted the participants to be familiarized with oversea and study abroad. This session led the participants to be interested in study abroad because they realized the possibilities to study abroad even with some financial difficulties.

Voice of the Students

”A word from one of the guests, ‘It is not helpless although each effort from each person is small’, was impressive. This word relived and eased me feeling helpless. This helped me positively think in the way that if I take action and it inspires someone, this may lead a small change even in my zone.”

”I feel that I gained the ability to make a step during this program. After the program, I started to have confidence and believe in myself, not feeling me behind. The positive feedback on my proposal made me realize that there are many people supporting me, such as ‘ That is interesting!’ and ‘How about this way?’. It also motivated me to keep moving forward in the future.”

”I found a goal, this is the outcome of this program. I could learn that there are a variety of ways, such as starting a business, making proposals to the government, establishing an NPO or a private business to solve social issues. This inspired me to challenge toward my aspiration with various approaches.”

All participants did their best during the program and learned the importance of making a first step.

Thank you very much for all of your supports and cooperation for this program.

BEYOND Tomorrow

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