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Report on Endeavor Summer Retreat 2023

Learning from Hiroshima, introducing peace to the world ーEach action counts in the future-


Summer Retreat 2023, face-to-face program was held for high school students who got a scholarship named “Endeavor” by BEYOND Tomorrow from August 9th to 12th, 2023.

BEYOND Tomorrow brings together young people who have experienced difficulties in their upbringing, but who aspire to create their own future. During the programs held throughout the year, we provide opportunities for students to learn and grow by sharing values with their peers, learning different perspectives and ways of thinking, and discovering new possibilities for themselves.

The participants met activists based in Hiroshima prefecture in this program. They made an individual presentation on a topic ‘Future action -Independence and Cooperation-‘ on the last day. 


Global Fund for Education Assistance


Hiroshima Prefectural Board of Education


Hiroshima Prefecture


12 high school students from Endeavor program 2023, BEYOND Tomorrow


Day 1

Orientation, Speaker’s session, Sharing Experiences, Discussion activity

Day 2

Morning session, Talk on the atomic bomb experience, Facility visit, Discussion activity

Day 3

Morning session, Farm experience, Speaker’s session, Discussion activity

Day 4

Morning session, Presentation, Lunch session

Purpose of the Program

The theme of this program is learning from Hiroshima, introducing peace to the world, each action counts in the future. We visited Hiroshima Prefecture, which continues to introduce peace to the world, and visited people who are working positively towards a better future, such as peace activists and organizations that create places for peace so that the sad history will not be repeated. In this program, the participants prepared and a gave a presentation on how to contribute to society in the future by learning history of war and activities of several organizations. This activity was set to let the participants gain experience of acting actively and as an opportunity to see society as own matter.

Theme of the Program

Learning from Hiroshima, introducing peace to the world ーEach action counts in the future-


Observing myself

In this program, the participants had a chance to see themselves each day. This opportunity aimed the participants to realize their undiscovered possibilities by learning other peoples’ point of views and seeing each other.

Day 1 : Speaker’s session

In this program, participants set own topic related to themselves as “My Project” to approach during the program. In the process of “My Project”, the participants interacted with guests and asked questions to gain information to tackle their topics, especially unique information which is only available from those guests.

We had Ms. Yasue Hata, a reporter in NHK Hiroshima as a guest. In terms of working as a reporter, she showed what she values in each step as a reporter, such as when she listens to people and gathers information.

In a Q&A session, all of the participants asked a question and they understood what kinds of question is effective to learn.

Day 2 : Talk on the atomic bomb experience / Organization Visit

The participants learned how we can make use of difficult experience in society by an activist who keeps speaking out in Hiroshima not to repeat this sad history.

We had a talk on the atomic bomb experience in Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims.

We visited a person who tackles to create a space for young people in Fukuyama city and listened the story of the beginning of this work and what they do.

|Specified Nonprofit Organization Learning Support Vapaus

They provide a space to children to support their learning as a response to “Children in this community need support!”. The representative of this organization, Ms. Motoko Kimura, gave a talk and was glad to answer participants’ questions. 

|Specified Nonprofit Organization Dream Switch

They work for children, young people, and their family with difficulties in participating in society that they can independently live with happiness. They interact with those people with specialty and aim to be a bridge between people and society.

Day 3 : Farming experience and Speech session

|Farming experience

We visited a group of young farmers who work to inherit the origin of a traditional vegetable “Hiroshima-Na (leaf)” which has 130-year history. The participants listened to their story of an issue on decrease of the farm field by one-fifth in 50 years due to urbanization and learned how the farmers tackled this issue. The participants also experienced harvesting “Hiroshima-Na” and tried a dish called “Kawauchi-yaki” (grilled dish with Hiroshima-Na). This interaction with farmers inspired the participants’ motivation.

|Speaker’s session

We invited guests who work globally with a keyword “peace” and had a talk.

・Ms. Izumi Nakamitsu, United Nations Under-Secretary-General and High Representative for Disarmament Affair
・Mr. Kenta Sumioka, Vice-chair, Nonprofit organization Peace Culture Village

Day 4 : Presentation, Lunch session

The participants gave a presentation on their own topics and approach following the theme of this program “Action for the future – Independence and Cooperation-

|Guests for the presentation

Mr. Daijiro Hashimoto, Chairperson, Global Fund for Education Assistance

Ms. Abe Yukiko, Manager of the department of innovation and promotion for learning, Executive office in the Hiroshima Prefecture Board of Education, and Chairperson, Hiroshima Prefectural Education Center

Mr. Kenta Sumioka, Vice-chair, Nonprofit organization Peace Culture Village

Ms. Motoko Kimura, Specified Nonprofit Organization Learning Support Vapaus

Ms. Yuki Nakamura, Specified Nonprofit Organization Dream Switch

|Topics of the presentations

・Understand the significance of the presence of others and use them effectively – A future that expands with what we can get from others – 

・Overcoming a narrowed vision due to failure for success

・How to make a step toward big goals – To overcome unmotivated myself-

・What do I need, as an unconfident person?

I am living in this moment – for those who always worry about others and cannot make a move –

・Increase self-confidence and cultivate the future by speaking up

・How to be consistent and right 

・Making a first step positively

・About myself, who cannot imagine what I want to achieve in the future

・How to interact with others

・Changing the way of capturing

・The structure of failure and its effect 

Lunch session

In this session, participants reflect this program and think about how to apply this experience in their daily life and future.

The venue was Social Book Café Hachidori-sha (near Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park) where about 30 social events are held in a month. The concept of the café is connecting with society. For example, they hold an event “Let’s talk with ‘Katari-be (storyteller)’ on every date with 6”,

Ms. Erika Abiko, the representative of this café, gave a talk about their action. This led the participants to think about what being myself means and reflect the whole program.

The Comments of the Students

“I had been hesitate to face issues related my future before I joined this program. However, I feel that I have become more motivated to tackle tasks because I was exposed to my peers’ opinions and their passion.”

“I have got to think that I cherish every encounter with people. I had not been able to take action toward interacting with people because I used to have negative image to interaction. However, I have realized during this program with those guests and my peers that I can gain many things by socializing. I am relieved by having broken stereotypes and learned that it is no problem to speak up my questions and find the answers. I have got to think in the way that respecting each other is necessary because every one has different opinions.”

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