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Japan Future Leader’s Summit 2023

What we can do to create our future – As a citizen living in a divided society –


“Japan Future Leader’s Summit 2023” was held with about 50 students from high schools and universities in Japan from November 3rd to 5th, 2023.

Young people who have experienced bereavement or separation from their parents, or who live in foster homes, foster families, or households receiving public assistance, gathered together and worked with leaders active in various fields to make proposals for each group under the theme of “What we can do to create our future, as a citizen living in a divided society.”

On the last day, they gave a presentation in front of professionals who work actively in various fields.
The event provided an opportunity for the next generation of young people from all over Japan to think about and discuss real issues in society, and ultimately to come up with their own proposals for the future of their communities, Japan, and the world.


Global Fund for Education Assistance


BofA Securities, Inc.


Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology




– University students from Fellowship program 2023
– University students from Japan Future Scholarship Program 2023
– High school students from Endeavor Program 2023
– High school students as general participants
– University students from Internship program 2023
Total: About 50 students

The entry requirements of this program are below (Chosen by selection).

High school and university students
– who are bereaved.
– who are in a single-parent family.
– who live in an orphanage home.
– who live in a foster home.
– who live in a family receiving public assistance.


|Day 1

Orientation, Icebreaking, Sharing Experiences

|Day 2

Chorus practice, Mentor’s introduction, Hometown Introduction, Presentation on pre-task, Making Proposal, Discussion, Speaker Session, Recreation

|Day 3

Presentation, Reflection, Guidance for Scholarship

Program Highlight – Speaker session –

We had Mr. Fumihiro Yamaguchi, President & Representative director of LITALICO Inc, as a guest in Speaker session and had a talk about the challenges of modern society, how to perceive them, and how to make the most of them, based on own experience of overcoming many difficulties. In questions and answers, the participants asked various questions from their own perspectives.

– Discussion –

Professionals supported the students as mentors, interacting and advising them on the process of creating proposals. This provided an opportunity for the participants to have role models.


〇Ms. Takako Murase

 BofA Securities, Inc.
    Global Technology Senior Vice President

〇Ms. Mie Miyazaki

 BofA Securities, Inc.
 Client Valuations Operations, Global Operations
 Assistant Vice President

〇Mr. Daimu Fujita

 BofA Securities, Inc.
 Global Markets Operations

〇Ms. Riko Fujii

 IT company

〇Mr. Masaki Ichimura
 Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP, Lawyer

〇Mr. Masayuki Endo
 Boston Consulting Group Japan, Consultant

〇Ms. Ayumi Sugawara
 BofA Securities, Inc.
 Compliance and Operational Risk Director

〇Ms. Nao Sato
 Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP, Lawyer in Japan and New York, USA



All of the participants did presentations on their proposals in the closing program on the last day and one group won the award by judges’ votes.

The presentations followed this structure, what is “division”, our vision of ideal society, and our action to approach the ideal society.

The definition of “division” of each group showed participants’ critical observation of their experience. It also told a shape of society from young people’s point of view.

When it comes to “our action”, they considered how we can tackle issues related a divided society in the world. They concluded with an introduction of practical methods, such as use of social media.


〇Ms. Nobuko Sasae
Nobuko Forum JAPAN, Representative

〇Ms. Yasumi Taniguchi
Protiviti Inc.

〇Ms. Reiko Hayashi
BofA Securities, Inc., Executive Vice President

〇Mr. Koji Kagoshima
DENTSU INC., Creative Director, Copywriter

〇Ms. Reika Tanaka
Model, Chairperson of a general incorporated association “Tasukeai”, Representative Director of a general incorporated association “Yumesapo”

〇Mr. Daijiro Hashimoto
Former Prefectural Governor of Kochi, Chairperson of Global Fund for Education Assistance

Voice of the Participants


“I used to suppress my feelings because I was not confident of my opinions before I participated this program. However, others accepted my background and speaking up my opinions in the process of making proposals, this led me to feel that others respect myself and enabled me to speak up confidently.”

“I used to feel embarrassed about my family which is different to others’ and it made me hesitated to talk about my family or I even did not want others to know about my family. However, when I spoke up about my experience for the first time in Sharing Experience activity, others said to me that my experience leads you to your specialty which you can sympathize with others. I started to think that I do not need to feel embarrassed about my family. It is rather my precious specialty which can become my core value. “

“There was one participant talking about an issue which is difficult to solve by themselves. At the moment, everyone started to bounce their knowledge and experience to find a solution for the issue. This moment made me feel glad to join programs of BEYOND Tomorrow.”


Support by Crowdfunding

We managed to hold this program with supports by crowdfunding.
Thank you very much for all of your supports.
We will continue working on our programs to help students with your supports and cooperation.

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