Endeavor Section

Endeavor is a scholarship program designed to support high school students living under foster care or foster homes.


In Japan, out of the many children who are taken into protective custody due to abuse or neglect, only about a tenth of them will go on to receive a college education. For students living with foster families,there is also an immense pressure for them to become independent after graduating high school.

We believe that youth who have experienced and overcome adversity have the perspective and initiative to work to better society for marginalized people, and that access to higher education will empower those youth as they enter society as adults. The Endeavor Scholarship Program supports students in their path towards a continued education through financial aid to help cover the cost of entrance exam preparations, as well as year-round counseling programs to think with recipients about their academic and career paths after graduation.


The Endeavor Scholarship program is open to any high school student living either with a foster family or in a public childcare facility who desires to pursue a post-secondary education whether that be at a university, junior college, or vocational school.

Program Offerings

  • Financial Aid

    Coverage of standardized testing as well as application and entrance exam fees for any institution(s) the recipient wishes to apply to, with an upper limit of 100,000 JPY (approx. 912 USD).
  • Development Programs

    Recipients will participate in year-round activities and events designed to help students gain a broader perspective and encourage them to examine their own possibilities, primarily focusing on their academic and career paths following their graduation from high school.
  • Application Support

    Access to guidance regarding entering higher education, as well as support for application processes and preparation of required materials.

Apply to the Endeavor Program

  • 2021 Application Details (Endeavor) – Closed