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I realized that this program was able to confirm a place which each person has.

K.H. - participant of Scholar 2021

Year of Participation : first-year university student

BEYOND Tomorrow brings together young people from all over Japan who have experienced bereavement or separation from their parents, or who have lived in foster homes or foster families. By sharing these difficulties and opinions, this organization encourages them to become a person who gives a helping hand to the society based on their experiences. In 2021, though it was impossible to hold the event as usual because of COVID-19, it was possible to hold it by combining online sessions with offline ones. This time, a scholarship student in 2021 was interviewed about actions which he did in a year.

Question1 : Was the participation of the program satisfying for you as a scholarship student in 2021?

In a direct way, the program was very satisfying. Among many things which I had done, the conversations with guest speakers and discussions in each program by BEYOND Tomorrow were so impressive that I still remember now. In a year, I noticed the attractivities which “Scholar (university students)” and “Endeavor (high school students)” have as a humanity. Also, the time which I shared with them in the environment where we could grow as a human by sharing opinions were very meaningful.

Question 2 : Were there any differences for you after you met people in BEYOND Tomorrow?

By meeting them, I learned the meaning of reflecting on myself again. Instead of just being pessimistic about my shortcomings, I learned how to connect my current self with my goals and the fun of friendly competition with someone else to achieve a common goal.

Question 3 : What is the most impressive thing in a year?

This is the closing program in Okinawa. Because this was the last program which I participated in, I acted with scholarship members who I had especially taken together. By doing so, my mind became calm because I saw them as important existence.

Question 4 : What do you aim to do in the future?

I will continue to work hard in BEYOND Tomorrow by participating in the internship program held in 2022. Through experiences which I have had in this organization, I have had so many chances to know how to take a step or what viewpoints I should have in the society. By these chances, I would like to improve myself. I hope that scholarship students in the year utilize the chances.

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