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By participating in BEYOND Tomorrow, I realized that I wanted to communicate happiness, courage, hope, and dreams to others through badminton

Minoru Koga

Japan National Badminton Team 2018-2020

When I applied to BEYOND Tomorrow as a high school senior who spent his days devoted to badminton, I remember thinking that I was stepping into a new world.

As I was writing my proposal statement for the BEYOND Tomorrow program, I reflected on what I could do for the whole society. I watched the other participants think about how they can contribute, and I realized that I wanted to communicate happiness, courage, hope, and dreams to others through badminton. Recognizing that I can use my own powers to make the world a brighter place was an extremely important lesson for me, especially as someone who wants to serve others by enlivening the sports world.

I started playing badminton in the first grade, and I’ve come this far always dreaming of participating in the Olympics. I still dream about going to the Olympics, and I believe that winning an Olympic medal is how I can contribute to others and to the world. That’s why I practice day after day and am concentrating on winning international tournaments. My ultimate goal is to communicate happiness, courage, hope, and dreams through sports. In order to do this, I need to win at well-known international tournaments like the Olympics or the world championships. Through my day to day life and through practice, I am building my confidence in achieving this goal. 

Sometimes, I lose sight of a big picture because my field of vision and values become narrow. At such times, it has been extremely meaningful to have my friends at BEYOND Tomorrow, who are dedicating themselves in fields other than sports, as well as to have the opportunities to meet prominent figures. These experiences allow me to expand my thinking and values. I also feel so fortunate that BEYOND Tomorrow taught me to think deeply about how I want to contribute to the society, to the world, and to others.

Though I don’t know where society is headed during these days of rapid change, the one constant is that no matter what the situation is, I want to contribute to the world and to others, and I am going to keep working hard towards this goal.

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