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BEYOND Tomorrow U.S. Summer Program 2024

U.S. Summer Program 2024

We will hold a summer program in the United States in September 2024.
In this program, 10 selected 2023 and 2024 scholars will travel to the United States to learn about its society and culture.

– Organized by Global Fund for Education Assitance

– Funded by U.S.- Japan FoundationJapanese American Association of New York”Murase Family Fund”, The Japan World Exposition 1970 Commemorative Fund, and individual donors

– Program destinations: Tokyo, Washington D.C., New York

– Participants: 10 university students enrolled in Japan Future Scholarship Program 2023 and 2024


This year, we will visit Washington D.C. and New York with the theme of learning leadership in the U.S., which is rich in innovation and diversity.

In September, students will visit U.S. companies, government offices, and educational institutions and discuss from various perspectives what kind of leadership is necessary for young people who will play an active role on the world stage in the future, education in the U.S. with diversity, and so on.

We will deepen our thinking through interactions with active people on the front lines.

Local School Visit (U.S. Program in 2019)

Students will begin the preparatory program in June to prepare for their United States trip.

Through their experience in the United States, they are expected to develop a concrete vision of how they will play an active role as leaders who lead social change with their hands and think about their future careers from a broader perspective.


Jiro Murase Memorial Scholarship

In Memory of the late Jiro Murase, who made exceptional contributions to U.S. – Japan relations, the project was undertaken as Jiro Murase Memorial Scholarship with the generous support of the U.S.-Japan Foundation, Japanese American Association of New York – Murase Family Fund, and individual donors.


10 university students from the 2023 & 2024 Japan Future Scholarship Program

U.S. Program 2019

Past reports can be read from here.

2022 Program

2019 Program


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