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Report on Japan Future Leader’s Summit 2022.


From October 8th to 10th in 2022, “Japan Future Leader’s Summit 2022” had been held with 41 students from high schools and universities in Japan. These students in this summit are bereaved, live in a foster home, or are on public assistance. They collaborated with leaders who are active in various areas to make proposals about “How Is a Society Where the Young Can Stand up again from Loneliness made.” in each group.

On the last day, they gave a presentation in front of the leaders. The event provided an opportunity for the next generation of young people from all over Japan to think about and discuss real issues in society, and ultimately to come up with their own proposals for the future of their communities, Japan, and the world.

【Host】Global Fund for Education Assistance

【Supports】BofA Securities Japan Company, Limited.

【Backing】Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

【Participants】 41 High school or university students who meet the requirements below (Chosen by selection).
-Students who are bereaved.
-Students who are in a single-parent family.
-Students who live in an orphanage home.
-Students who live in a foster home.
-Students who live in a family receiving public assistance.

First Day : Orientation, Icebreaking, Sharing Experiences
Second Day : Morning Session, Hometown Introduction, Discussion, Speaker Session, Making Proposal
Third Day : A Closing Ceremony and Presentation, Farewell Banquet, Guidance for Scholarship, Reflection

Program Highlight

During the summit, the students did activities by two groups. University students had helped them as a leader of them.

Working professionals were there for the students as mentors, advising them on the process of creating proposals and treating them as equals as senior members of their own lives, providing an opportunity for the students to gain role models.

In a speaker session, Eri Alfiya, who is Chairperson, Liberal Democratic Party House of Councilors Proportional Representation District Branch, had talked about her study gained from so many difficulties and experiences from these difficulties as a guest. She also had given a talk about what the society should be in the present. In questions and answers, the students asked various questions from their own perspectives.

 〇Okazaki Yukichi, who is Executive Director in Ashinaga Foundation.
 〇Kagoshima Koji, who is Creative Director and an advertising copywriter in DENTSU INC..
 〇Sasada Tamao, who is Representative of Japan in Bank of America Corporation and Representative Director in B of A Securities Japan Company, Limited.
 〇Shibayama Toru, who is in the business department of the Tokyo branch of Bank of America, N.A.
 〇Jeong Haram, who is in the business department of the Tokyo branch of Bank of America, N.A.
 〇Taniyama Hibiki, who is in the foreign bond and sales department of B of A Securities Japan Company, Ltd..
 〇Peter Walker, who is in the compliance department of B of A Securities Japan Company, Ltd..
 〇Miyazaki Mie, who is in the business department of B of A Securities Japan Company, Ltd..

 ※Arranged in Japanese order.

The discussion about “How Is a Society Where the Young Can Stand up again from Loneliness made.” became so heated by sharing students’ experiences and opinions. Two teams made suggestions by being aware of a viewpoint which is “what do we do?”, not “how should the society be?”.

In the summit, it is customary to sing a song by all people.

However, in this summit, it was impossible to do so because of COVID-19. So, a record video that all students had sung “Letter To My 15 Year Old Self” by Angela Aki in each group was released on the last day.

In a closing ceremony on the last day, all students gave a presentation and a winning team was chosen by a voting from the judges.

The winning team gave a presentation titled “A Plan of a Branch Office of Beyond” which holds a program of Beyond Tomorrow for sharing experiences in all prefectures in Japan. By this program, it is possible to increase the number of people who they can depend on by sharing many experiecens and opinons and ,as a result, reduce lonliness.

Also, specific and unique action plans were presented by other groups from their own experiences such as utilization of SNS and founding a cram school for free.

 Kato Katsunobu, who is Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare.
 Takenaka Heizo, who is an emeritus professor in Keio University.

【Judges of Presentation】
 Uwataki Kenji, who is a former Director of Japan Broadcasting Corporation and Auditor of Global Fund for Education Assistance
 Ozora Koki, who is Chairman of Specified Nonprofit Corporation “Anata no Ibasyo”
 Komiyama Rieko, who is Director of Study Supplement Artificial Intelligene Laboratory for Education and an associate professor of the Graduate School of Tokyo Gakugei University.
 Sasae Nobuko, who is Rrepresentative of Nobuko Forum JAPAN.
 Hashimoto Daijiro, who is Chairman of Global Fund for Education Assistance
 Minoura Hiroshi, who is Senior Advisor of BofA Securities Japan Company, Ltd..

 ※Arranged in Japanese order.

Crowdfunding Support

Thanks to the support, The Leader’s Summit had been held for the first time in three years.We thank people who supported and helped the project from the bottom of our heart. We will continue to work diligently to continue BEYOND Tomorrow’s activities in cooperation with you.

Voice of Students

“By talking about my experience which I had never told before the program, I could break out of my shell. This means that this experience made me stronger.”

“Even only in 3 days, I was able to find a person who I can believe from my heart. By this experience, I found it good to trust more people.”

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