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Thank you to everyone at Bank of America for helping us translate!

Bank of America*, who has been a great supporter of BEYOND Tomorrow supporting various programs such as pre-training of US Summer Program, career session, and Japan Future Leaders Summit, helped our translations work this time for our 10th-anniversary articles. This time, GT&O division of Bank of America made a voluntary team for this translation and worked on this project.

* Bank of America N.A. Tokyo Branch and BofA Securities Japan Co., Ltd.

Articles Translated

Cultivating a Future by turning Adversity to Possibility

Our Challenge towards the Future, Continues

Looking back on the 10th anniversary

Messages from GT&O Volunteer Team

Shoko Ishizuka

Although I had been studying Interpretation back in university and I have basic knowledge of interpreting/translating, this was actually first time I did practical translation outside the class. As my English is not so perfect, having only a year of experience studying abroad in California when I was in university, it was quite difficult and time consuming for me to translate the article. Yet, as I read the whole story written on the Tohoku disaster and get to know various experiences, thoughts and feelings people affected by that had and still have, I was moved and felt grateful that I was given such a wonderful opportunity. With this experience, I would like to be even more open to volunteering and any other activities that could broaden my horizons going forward.

Anju Mukai

I am very grateful to have been able to interact with people who are not normally involved through BEYOND Tomorrow’s volunteers and to have such an opportunity. Also, correcting my own translation helped myself improve skills for various expression. Thank you very much.

Natsuko Ibi

It was difficult to choose words not to impair the enthusiasm and energy for BEYOND Tomorrow through translation, but at the same time I found it very rewarding. Through my own volunteer work, it was interesting to learn about the maintenance of operations from the founding of BEYOND Tomorrow to the present.

Takanari Moriyama

It was my first-time taking part in a volunteering event. It was surely a valuable and worthwhile experience for a great organization focusing on the development of the younger generations.

Kotoka Takano

It was my first translation experience, so I was a little worried if I could do it well, but when I actually tried it, it was fun and I’m glad I took this opportunity. Not only translate sentences from Japanese to English, but when I tried to compose my intentions, I couldn’t find the perfect wording, which made me feel difficult, but thanks to other members in charge of proofreading, I was able to complete it. If I have another chance, I would love to participate in such a project!

Koyo Kumagai

I was honored to have had the opportunity to participate in helping translate BEYOND Tomorrow’s precious journals. Throughout, I was deeply inspired and humbled by the journey of BEYOND Tomorrow from its birth. Their simple yet powerful concept of “developing leaders” instead of merely “helping their survival” was fascinating to say the least.

It also reminded us of the importance of global connections and global leverage. Goals are often quite common even across borders. Translating the experience of the survivors also gave me a great deal of courage, and a reminder of how vulnerable yet resilient we humans can be.

Translations are always very difficult – it is not easy to convert nuance and sentiment from one language to another. This time our whole team felt a greater sense of responsibility to translate such an important set of journals. The few of us that worked on it are certainly no professionals at translations, but as a team we were able to achieve something by complementing and supplementing each other. I am very appreciative for the opportunity – to have been able to part take in this, but also for the opportunity to unite and bring our own team together.

Haram Jeong

Neither Japanese nor English is my native language, and when I was first asked to translate, I was a little worried if I could do it properly. However, when I started the translation work, it became fun to devise how to translate it into the other language while keeping the taste of each sentence, and eventually, I was dispelled.

Also, while researching various expressions in order to convey the message I wanted to convey as accurately as possible, I was very impressed by the fact that I was able to come across expressions that I do not usually use. If there is a similar opportunity in the future, I would definitely like to participate.

Toru Shibayama

I have participated in various volunteer activities so far, but I am glad that I was able to participate in BEYOND Tomorrow’s activities in the form of virtual volunteers as I did last year, as the face-to-face event was canceled due to the corona pandemic.

I feel very responsible and rewarded when I think that a team will be set up with members who are different from the ones I usually work with directly, and everyone will help each other to create a single work, which will be posted on the website. Through translation, I was able to understand the background of BEYOND Tomorrow at the time of its establishment and the progress of the past 10 years.

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We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank the volunteer team from the Bank of America for their time and efforts.

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