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Summer Program 2021


The BEYOND Tomorrow summer program was a three-day program held from August 20th to 22nd for active scholarship students, as well as representatives of BEYOND Tomorrow alumni and alumnae. Due to the challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic, we had to find safe ways to provide students with meaningful experiences face to face. This year, what would normally be a long-term overseas training program was reduced to a three-day program with thorough coronavirus safety protocols.

This time, we were able to successfully implement a hybrid program that allowed both face-to-face programs in Tokyo and online participation. By sharing personal experience as well as hearing from guest speakers, our students were able to deeply reflect on this year’s theme “change and resilience.” On the final day, along with a BEYOND Tomorrow 10 year anniversary event, our students gave a presentation to the guest speakers about this year’s theme.

Organizer– Global Fund for Educational Assistance

Venue– National Olympics Memorial Youth Center in Tokyo
Online participation via ZOOM


– Students of Endeavour 2021
– Students of Japan Future Scholarship Program 2021
– Japan Future Fellowship Program
– Graduated of Beyond Tomorrow

>Number of Participants: 22


Day 1: Sharing Experiences with Others

For the first time this year students were able to meet with my peers and share their experiences in person. Sharing each other’s stories, such as why they participate in BEYOND Tomorrow, is very important to create stronger bonds and establish relationships based on mutual trust.


Cooperation: HADO in Hibya (meleap inc.)

On day 1 of the program, we were able to experience Japan’s first AR sport “HABO”. The game consisted of shooting balls of energy with an arm sensor and a headset. At first confused, we all gradually mastered the game and played together as a team.

Day 2: Guest Speaker: Keiko Kiyama, Director of BEYOND Tomorrow and Director and Secretary General of JEN, a non-profit organization

With over 20 years of experience in supporting individuals in emergency situations at JEN, Ms. Kiyama spoke about gaining independence from the reliance of emergency support.

Day 3: Guest Lecturer- Makoto Yuasa Social Activist/Professor of Advanced Science and Technology at Tokyo University/Chairman of the National Children’s Cafeteria Support Center

Drawing from his own childhood, Prof. Yuasa spoke about “Dealing with change. Flexibly responding to change, and bending the rules to create new ways of dealing with change, I managed to create new ways where everyone is able to participate.” He also discussed “differences between discussion, dialogue and conversations” Students were inspired and stimulated by various perspectives, and learned a lot.

Day 3: Presentation

Divided into in-person and online groups, students presented what they have been discussing over the past two days in relation to the topic, “What can we do to achieve a highly resilient society?”

10 Year Anniversary Event

We watched a video, produced by students, looking back on the achievements of Beyond Tomorrow over the past 10 years. This video was shown on the last day of the program. Additionally, an alumni panel was held, where alumni presented their recommendations and advice for students.

Voices of Participating Students

“I am glad we got to share and discuss our stories with people with differing perspectives, such as that of scholars, endeavors, and graduates. It was great to learn from other members who shared their circumstances and experiences, and get to know everyone. Although it was in the midst of a pandemic, I was glad that we were consciously able to talk about various things and it was very fulfilling for me.”

“I was able to deeply reflect on myself. I am very glad I participated, although it was a pity that some couldn’t participate as they were infected with the coronavirus. I learned a lot about myself, and although it was a really wonderful three days, I somehow felt a sense of guilt.
However, the positive emotions surpassed in an instant with memories of the training camp. I haven’t even organized my feelings yet, but I hope I can make this program a little part of myself.”

“I joined online, and it was a really meaningful opportunity. I hope to participate in an activity like this again.”

About Coronavirus Safety

This program was implemented with strict coronavirus protocols to ensure everyone’s safety. Despite this two positive cases were detected among the participants after the event. However, the two individuals made a full recovery within one week. We will take these results very seriously and take them into account in future event planning. Below are the protocols that were put in place for the event.

Before and After the Program

Before the Program

– PCR tests to be taken by all participants
– Fill out a health form every day a week prior to the event
– Anyone feeling ill will not be allowed to participate in the program

During the Program

– Transportation during the event is limited to the buses arranged by the foundation
– Use of Masks are required
– Frequent disinfection with Alcohol
– Body temperature check every morning
– Maintaining social distancing
– Thorough use of panels and dividers
– Maintaining a well-ventilated space
– Limited conversation and interactions during meal

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