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Mr. T.T.

Working for an IT affiliate in Tokyo

I started donating to BEYOND Tomorrow after I finished repaying the money I had borrowed to go to university. At that time, I decided to continue making the “payments” by donating the money instead. I researched various organizations and decided I wanted to support BEYOND Tomorrow because it supports young people going through similar experiences as myself. I also liked that the organization was not too large, it felt close to me. I have continued to make a fixed donation every month.

 When I was in year 2 of elementary school, my parents divorced, and I was forced to move and transfer to a new school. At that time, I vividly remember feeling anxiety that I had to take care of myself from now on. Having not been able to accept the changes in the environment associated with divorce, moving, and school transfer, my elementary school life was unstable. During those years, I experienced several challenges including a feud with my mother, truancy, and hospitalization and surgery due to an accident. At the time, divorced families were still rare, and it wasn’t common to discuss divorce outside of the family. I didn’t tell anyone about my home environment during my elementary, middle and high school years. I remember feeling very relieved when I became a college student and told a trusted friend that I was from a single mother family.

Looking back on my own experiences, I think BEYOND Tomorrow can help build a relationship of trust amongst young people. Participants can share their experiences in a safe space while they get to know each other and form close relationships they may not otherwise have. I’m sure the youths will be able to become more sympathetic to each other from the adversity they’ve experienced and shared. I don’t want young people to feel that they have to deal with everything by themselves.

For their important future, I want young people in BEYOND Tomorrow to be aware that they can help others using their skills and interests. Their favorite activities may be helpful to someone else around them. When you help someone, you gain gratitude and appreciation, and you gradually become able to recognize and believe in yourself. I think that’s confidence. There is no doubt that this confidence accumulated in this way will lead to a better future.

I look forward to seeing BEYOND Tomorrow’s contributions to the future and successes of young people in social lives.

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