Information: BEYOND Tomorrow Tohoku Future Fellows Program 2013 (Scholarship)

The Global Fund for Education Assistance, through BEYOND Tomorrow — its leadership development program for young victims of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami — invites applicants for the BEYOND Tomorrow Tohoku Future Fellows Program 2013.


The Fellows Program

  1. University scholarship
    This is a scholarship to support university students who are eager to engage in activities as BEYOND Tomorrow Tohoku Future Fellows. The scholarship offers a stipend for living expenses up to 100,000 yen a month, depending on geography and living situation of the applicant. 
  2. Mentoring
    BEYOND Tomorrow supports its students in realizing their dreams by offering mentors who are leaders in diverse areas. Each student will be paired with a mentor, and throughout the program the mentors will be available for discussion and advice.
  3. Ambassador program
    As ambassadors of disaster relief, the students will communicate their experiences domestically and abroad, raising global awareness of the terror of natural disasters and the unmet needs in combatting them
  4. Corporate program
    Through internships and structured visits, the students will have an opportunity to directly interact with the businesses supporting this program

The BEYOND Tomorrow Tohoku Future Fellows Program 2013 is a comprehensive leadership development program including supports above. We look forward to receiving applications from students who will be active participants in the programs delineated above and who have a strong ambition to become leaders in society. The aforementioned programs will be supported for 1 year.

* If the student is receiving scholarship from another source, this scholarship amount may be adjusted accordingly.


1. The applicant must have been living in Iwate, Miyagi, or Fukushima prefectures at the time of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami (March 11, 2011). Those who moved to a different prefecture after March 11, 2011 are still eligible

2. The applicant must graduate from high school, or a school of similar level, by March 2013. The applicant must plan to be a 2-year or 4-year college or university program between April 2013 and March 2014. The applicant must obtain a letter from the university program of his or her application status by March 2013. Those applying to overseas programs, excluding language schools, are eligible.

3. The applicant must have strong ambitions to become a leader with a global perspective, overcoming the adversity experienced during the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami

*Those who have suffered severe losses (e.g., loss of a legal guardian, destruction of a house, severe financial hardships) will be given priority during the selection process

Selection process

1st stage Application review
2nd stage Interviews (To be conducted December 15th, 16th at Sendai. Travel expenses will be subsidized for applicants who are invited for an interview)

Application process

Send all the information below by December 2nd, 2012 to BEYOND Tomorrow via email ( or via fax (03-6745-9100). There are no submissions via post. BEYOND Tomorrow will notify applicants who are selected for the second round interview. Application materials cannot be returned.

1. Application form
2. Application essay (must be submitted on paper specified in application)
3. Recommendation letter from school principal (If you have already graduated from your high school, please contact below)

About the Global Fund for Educational Assistance and BEYOND Tomorrow

The Global Fund for Educational Assistance was founded by leaders who are active in various areas, such as politics, business administration, NGO, and media. BEYOND Tomorrow is a program aimed to nurture global leaders from young victims of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. It offers a comprehensive approach that includes financial scholarships for students planning to attend university. Holding the “TOMODACHI Summer 2012 BEYOND Tomorrow US Program” in August 2012 and the “Tohoku Future Leaders Summit 2012” in October 2012, BEYOND Tomorrow is making strong advances in creating leaders from the disaster-affected areas of Japan. It also offers new university students scholarship, and provides highs school students with opportunities to study abroad through “BEYOND Tomorrow Study Abroad Program”.

Contact information

Time: 10:00 AM – 5 PM (Monday-Friday)
Tel: 080-2564-2054

Application materials (download)