Uploaded Videos of The Tohoku Future Leaders Summit(Japanese only)


October 28-30, 2011


70 high school students who are from Iwate, Miyagi, or Fukushima prefecutres during the earthquake and tsunami, and who have strong aspirations to become leaders who are active in a global stage. They were selected through an application process.


The summit was established to target young people who were victims of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami but have strong ambitions to overcome their challenges and become active citizens with a global perspective. The students created a proposal for the recovery of the Tohoku region, working in groups with support from advisors, a select group of professionals who are leaders in their respective fields. Each student group presented its proposal to an audience of leaders from areas such as politics, business administration, media, and NGOs. Furthermore, as the summit spanned multiple days, the students had the opportunity to discuss and explore career goals with invited experts from fields such as sports, music and arts. The goal of this summit was to offer a starting point for the student participants to fully realize their potential as influential citizens who can shape society. BEYOND Tomorrow strongly believes that because of their difficult experiences during the disaster, these students have a unique ability to empathize and identify with others, and we hope that with this summit they were able to reflect on how they can use this ability to fill an active role in society and how to convert these ideas into actions.