Endeavor (for high school students)

エンデバーEndeavor is a scholarship program for high school students in foster care group homes and foster families. Youths placed under foster care after experiencing hardships like abuse, neglect, etc. have a low rate of pursuing higher education after graduating from high school. Approximately 10% go on to 4-year universities. In this context, we support high school students trying to rise above hardships and work for others in need. Endeavor Program provides financial aid to cover the cost of college application and opportunities to participate in a series of leadership programs to think about their future career and find roles to play in society. The funds for financial aid are secured from private donors.


High school students in foster care group homes with a desire to pursue higher education after graduating from high school

Overview of the Program

Financial Aid

The program provides financial aid to cover the cost of standardized tests for college preparation and also application fees for universities and colleges

Leadership Program

The program provides opportunities to participate in leadership programs and helps students to examine their future roles from broad perspectives.

Support for higher education

The program helps students to gain information necessary for college application and also advise on college application materials.

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≫Participants in 2018
≫Participants in 2017

Application Guideline

≫Application Guideline for 2020 (Endeavor) (Japanese only)

Japan Future Scholarship Program (for college students)

Japan Future Scholarship Program gives financial aid to students graduating from high school and pursue higher education with the funds from private donors. We continue this financial support with the belief that youths rising above hardships to study further and contribute to society in the future are an asset, and society should invest in them. BEYOND Tomorrow students experienced adversities such as loss of/separation from parents, living under foster care, etc. yet are determined to receive further education and make society a better place in the future. Our selection places focus on the applicants’ personal impact and potential instead of just evaluating their academic abilities. We look for youths with potential to transform their difficult experiences into abilities to act for others in need with a strong sense of compassion.


Students enrolled in 4-year universities, 2-year colleges, or vocational colleges (have lost parents, live in single parented households, live under foster care, and/or receive public assistance for low income families)

Overview of the Scholarship Program

Financial aid

Scholarship program provides financial aid for higher education.

Leadership Program

Scholarship program provides opportunities to participate in a series of leadership programs internationally and domestically.

≫Participants in 2019
≫Participants in 2018
≫Participants in 2017

Application Guideline

≫Application Guideline for 2020 (Japan Future Scholarship Program) (Japanese only)

Japan Future Fellowship Prpgram (for college sophomores and higher)

Japan Future Fellowship Program aims to foster leadership for those who completed BEYOND Tomorrow Japan Scholarship Program with practical leadership opportunities. The program helps the participants engage with society at large, find issues, seek and implement solutions with their own hands. They are expected to play active roles in the implementation of BEYOND Tomrorow’s various programs to make them better, and exercise leadership in the real world by working closely with a wide range of stakeholders. We solicit applications from those who have completed Japan Future Scholarship Program, and those with high potential for leadership are selected by the selection committee.


Those who have completed Japan Future Scholarship Program ≫Participants in 2019

Overview of the Fellowship Program


Fellows work in taskforces throughout the year and lead BEYOND Tomorrow’s various operations in cooperation with a wide range of stakeholders. Each taskforce is led by a chair – senior member in the program. There are 3 taskforces:
  • Promotion/Marketing
Promotion/Marketing taskforce helps improve the profile of BEYOND Tomorrow, thus encouraging many people to know its activities. To this end, the taskforce plans and implements strategies to disseminate the core value of BEYOND Tomorrow to wide audiences.
  • BEYOND Tomorrow’s 10th anniversary
BEYOND Tomorrow will mark its 10th anniversary in 2021. For this special occasion, the taskforce will bring together those who took part in making BEYOND Tomorrow what it is today, and build a sense of home for them.
  • Program development/regional chapter
Program development/regional chapter taskforce will plan and organize sessions and workshops for quality learning. The taskforce will also initiate activities outside Tokyo – in Kansai area in 2020 – so BEYOND Tomorrow will bring about greater impact all around the country.

Career Program

Fellows are given opportunities to meet with and learn from professionals active in various fields and broaden their perspectives for their future career.

Internship Program

The program will provide opportunities to intern in companies/organizations in Japan and overseas as well as financial aid. The participants are expected to gain first-hand experiences in the field and connect the learning at BEYOND Tomorrow with findings in internship experiences outside of BEYOND Tomorrow. Internship destinations in 2019 Raksul, inc. (Tokyo), Ban Rom Sai (Thailand), Minamisanriku Winery (Miyagi)