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TBC Radio “Lunchbox-L” (aired 12:00 – 13:00)

BEYOND Tomorrow was introduced through the program’s “Today’s Main Dish” portion.

During the interview, the fund’s Project Manager Yuta Inoue described the hopes behind the creation of BEYOND Tomorrow, as well as the application process for the Summer Davos Junior Leaders Program.

This fund aims to allow young, ambitious people affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami to continue pursuing their dreams.  By offering dialogue and mentorship on top of financial support, BEYOND Tomorrow hopes to nurture leaders with a global perspective.

As the fund’s first major event, the Summer Davos Junior Leaders Program will be a unique international opportunity for students, interacting with people from across the globe.  

The Summer Davos Junior Leaders Program

Ms. Kawajiri, the host of ‘Lunchbox-L,’ is introducing us.