BEYOND Tomorrow was introduced during a session at the G1 Summit

 BEYOND Tomorrow was introduced during a session at the G1 Summit held on February 11, 2012.

The GI Summit( began in 2009 and is a high-level meeting for leaders of the next generation to convene, debate, and learn in order to create a vision for Japan’s future. This year was its fourth summit, and discussion was based on the theme, “Visions and actions for recreating Japan.”

During the lunch session on February 11th, BEYOND Tomorrow had the opportunity to have three of its high school participants speak about their experiences during the tsunami and earthquake, as well as their hopes for the future.

With the one-year anniversary of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami just around the corner, the high school students spoke to the leaders as representatives of the affected region, presenting the current situation and the many problems that still remain.

BEYOND Tomorrow is greatly appreciative of all of the support it received for this project, especially from the G1 Summit executive office.

 “I lost my parents in the tsunami, but I did not have the time to grieve for too long because everyday was so busy. Through my experiences after the tsunami and earthquake, I have created a goal for myself: to become mayor of Rikuzentakata City. I want to bring life back to my hometown with my own hands.”

Masahiro Kikuchi, Senior, Takata High School, Iwate Prefecture

 “When I came out of the other side of the tunnel, I was met by a landscape with no buildings. But based on reports I heard that morning, I had been prepared to see this level of destruction. What I was not prepared for, however, was the reality that lay within this destruction. My mother and my grandmother were dead.” “The reason I am still here, that I am still living, is that I want to contribute something to my hometown and  its recovery — for my mother and my grandmother’s sake, for my family’s sake. I now believe that joining the recovery efforts is my life mission; it’s why I survived.”
Masahide Chiba, Senior, Ofunato High School, Iwate Prefecture

 “The tsunami sweapt away not only my house, but also my dream. I wanted to go to music school and become a music teacher. But the tsunami took my house, and my father lost his job. Given the situation, I had to give up my dreams…People were always talking about recovery, but my heart remained frozen in time.” “But now I have a new dream. In order to help with the region’s recovery, I want to learn how to create a city that is easy to live in and that emphasizes its strengths. I would also like to study abroad.”
Hiromi Meguro, Senior, Somahigashi High School, Fukushima Prefecture